Once the novelty of having a website, any website, was enough. But now that the internet has matured, it's just as cluttered, competitive and in need of strong brand differentiation as traditional media.

Unfortunately, as an article in Advertising Age recently reported, "digital agencies are struggling because they simply don't have the marketing background". Technicians by trade, all they can offer is gimmicks (hence the epidemic of sliding, bouncing and ultimately distracting graphics).

Nor do they have the traditional media skills needed to drive consumers to your website. So clients are left with the added complications (and pitfalls) of coordinating their print, broadcast, POS and collateral with an unrelated agency.

At Boscia Trott, where we're fully integrated, it's never been an either/or situation. We've been into digital since the very beginning and today, our geek quotient is as high as any. We do websites, digital campaigns, ecommerce, social networking, SEO, analytics and do them impeccably—without relying on generic templates.

But we also bring something more to the business of maximizing your presence and profitability on the web: Ideas that reflect an understanding of consumer psychology, market dynamics and a myriad of other small, but critical factors that only years of major brand experience can teach.

Not the least of which is that consumers are smart and sensible. If you want to inspire spending in today's economy, be prepared to offer them substance. Not flash.


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